08/12/2017 – Rose Hill MGA: Pairings

Member medal Play w/ PGA Score:¬†MGA Member select a PGA Pro of their choice prior to teeing off. The MGA Member’s Net score and the PGA Pro’s Gross score from Saturday’s round are combined. The players with the lowest combined scores are the winners

Reverse Shotgun at 8:04 am

*Cart Rule: Cart Path Only*

Tee #1A
John Fruit
Ed Riedinger
Jay Parks

Tee #1B
Russell Padgett
Bill Dorson
Bob Guarino
Dick Timcoe

Tee #17A
Peter DiSanto
Dave Bullett
Frank Pinto
Roy Redman

Tee #18A
Chuck Ouellette
Jeff Henry
Earl Tanner
Jim Schwarz