06/10/2017 – Rose Hill MGA: Results

Shamble: Everyone drives; Pick the best tee shot; Play your own ball in from there. Best 2 of 4

*paid out to the top two teams*

*scores cannot be posted on GHIN*

CTP – (Par)
Earl Tanner

1st Place – 108 (-36)
Jeff Henry
Ivan Zenovic
George Edell
Ron Stovall (b)

2nd Place – 112 (-32)
Tod Powers
George Kelly
Bob Williams
Bill Dorson

3rd Place – 116 (-28) [match of cards]
Tom Fox
Roy Redman
Ron Stovall
Peter DiSanto

4th Place – 116 (-28) [match of cards]
Earl Tanner
Bill Smith
Ed Scott
Dick Timcoe

5th Place – 116 (-28)
Jay Parks
John Klinger
Ed Varcho
Peter DiSanto (b)

6th Place– 118 (-26)
John Carroll
Chuck Ouellette
Jim Schwarz
Dick Timcoe (b)