05/06/2017 – Rose Hill MGA: Pairings

2017 Rose Hill MGA Member-Member Tournament

Best 1 of 2

Reverse Shotgun at 8:04 am

Round 1
Tee #1A

Uncle Chuck’s Team
Chuck Ouellette
Earl Tanner
These Guys are Good
Frank Bennett
Michael Higdon

Tee #1B
Park Partol

Fran Richards
Jay Parks
Moon Pies
Frank Pinto
Dave Bullett

Tee #14A
Team SG

George Casey
Steve Kimson
Whiteoaks Boys
Ed Varcho
Mike Danyi

Tee #15A
Last Place

Alan Kizer
George Edell
Train Wreck
Jeff Henry
Peter DiSanto

Tee #16A
Knights of the Fairway

Tony LaMartina
Wally Maxwell
Low Fruit
John Fruit
Greg Vavoso

Tee #17A
Walk This Way

Ed Scott
Bill Carabine
John Carroll
Tod Powers

Tee #18A
Pipers Pond Bandits

Jack Diver
George Kelly
Nothing But 5’s
John Klinger
Bob Williams