03/29/2017 – Rose Hill MGA: Results

Points Game: Subtract handicap from 54. Resulting number is your team goal. Points: 1-Pt Double Bogey; 2-Pts Bogey; 3-Pts Par; 5-Pts Birdie; 7-Pts Eagles; 9 Pts-Double Eagle. Use four (4) GROSS scores

*paid out to the first place team*

Low Net – 62
Chuck Ouellette

CTP – 23 ft (Par)
Chuck Ouellette

Team Goal (+/- Team Goal) Team Score

1st Place – 115 (+8) 123
Frank Pinto
Chuck Ouellette
George Casey
Bob Williams

2nd Place – 116 (-2) 114
Earl Tanner
Dave Bullett
Jeff Henry
Dick Timcoe (b)

3rd Place – 121 (-3) 118
Joe Re
Jay Parks
Dick Timcoe
Bob Williams (b)

Pro’s Note:
Chuck Ouellette completed the trifecta this morning, winning Low Net, CTP & 1st Place. He has the hottest stick around. His average net score in the past three MGA events (3/22, 3/25 & 3/29) is an astonishing 64. Congratulations, Chuck.