03/11/2017 – Rose Hill MGA: Pairings

Two Man Scramble: Two man teams play a scramble through the green. Net scores used each holes. Handicaps are based on a 60/40 of both players. These scores cannot be post on GHIN

Reverse Shotgun at 8:28 am

Tee #1A
Fran Richards
Bob Wright
John Carroll
Dick Timcoe

Tee #1B
Bill Smith
George Casey
Jay Parks
Ed Scott

Tee #15A
Tod Powers
Peter DiSanto
Tom Fox
Ron Stovall

Tee #16A
Michael Miranda
Len Marino
Frank Pinto
Jeff Henry

Tee #17A
George Kelly
Chuck Ouellette
Jeff Everett
John Klinger

Tee #17B
George Edell
Roy Redman
Dave Bullett
Ed Varcho

Tee #18A
Michael Burnce
Greg Vavoso
Bill Dorson
Bob Williams