03/04/2017 – Rose Hill MGA: Results

Shamble: Everyone drives. Pick the best drive and play your own ball in from there until the ball is holed. Best 2 of 4

*Scores cannot be posting on GHIN*

*paid out to the top two teams*

CTP – 22 ft 11 in (Par)
Fran Richards

1st Place – 110 (-34)
Tod Powers
Dave Bullett
Jeff Henry
George Casey (b)

2nd Place – 111 (-33)
Earl Tanner
Jay Parks
Roy Redman
Peter DiSanto

3rd Place – 114 (-30)
Bill Shipe
Ed Varcho
Bob Wright
Jeff Everett (b)

4th Place – 115 (-29)
John Carroll
Tom Fox
Chuck Ouellette
Ron Stovall

5th Place – 118 (-26)
Frank Pinto
Jeff Everett
George Casey
Dick Timcoe

6th Place – 120 (-24)
Rick Munger
George Kelly
Ed Scott
Alan Kizer

7th Place – 120 (-24)
Fran Richards
George Edell
Randy Allen
Len Marino

8th Place – 127 (-17)
Bill Dorson
Bill Smith
John Klinger
Greg Vavoso