Sadie Hawkins Day @ Eagle’s Pointe GC

Sadie Hawkins Day @ Eagle’s Pointe

2 Person Team- Pinehurst: Both players tee off.  Select the best drive then alternate shots from the second shot.

**Please sign up you and your partner with GHIN number if possible

Guest will pay $32 plus tax (includes tax)
Round 1 – February 14, 2017
Tee #1A 9:30 am,
Sue Ann Howard

Lori Price

Tee #1B 9:30 am

Susan Tymczyszyn

Vi Burke

Kathleen Arpaia

Jan Zander

Tee #10A 9:30 am

Joyce Dalton

John Boughton

Sue Boughton

Trey Testino

Tee #10B 9:30 am
John Ouellette
Lainie Ouellette
Frank Saracino
Tee #12A 9:30 am
John Alibrio
Lorie Alibrio
Tee #13A 9:30 am
Connie L. Eisaman
John Eisaman
Cody Jennings
Keith Jennings
Tee #14A 9:30 am
Marva Herx
Bill Herx
Bob Higney
Sharon Higney
Tee #16A 9:30 am
Karen Re
Joseph S Re
Donna Shrider
Rick Shrider
Tee #16B 9:30 am
Ellie Cornelisse
Joe Cornelisse
Kathy Cael
Neil Jenks

Tee #17A 9:30 am

Amy Ramey

Julie Conley

Nancy Young

Jim Young

Tee 18A 9:30

Tom Margotta

Peg Pantano

Bob Bosselman

Rita Bosselman