Pinecrest Men’s Day 12-30-16

Format – 4 Player Teams

To play Pink Ball, use teams of four. Each foursome has a bright pink ball that rotates among players. Player 1 uses it on the first hole, player 2 on the second, and so on. Take the best net score + the Pink Ball on each hole and add them. Whoever has the pink ball on a given hole must contribute one of the two scores. If a team loses their Pink Ball their score for all remaining holes (including the hole where the ball was lost) without it is the combination of the “2 worst net score” in the foursome.


Robert Riley

Thomas Dardaris

Bob Dunaj


Dale Weber

Steve Richards

Joe Re

Gerry Dutkowski


John Putnam

Jack Gibbs

Richard Martinez

Chuck Ouellette


Russell Padgett

Don Doyle

Francis Raffaele

Jack Souders


Dennis Fisher

Cory Buskirk

Earle Lockhart

Michael Hughes


Mack Mccaffrey

Bob Amendola

Robert Heck

Gerry Conklin