11/08/2016 – Rose Hill Men’s Day: Results

Shamble: Everyone drive. Pick the best drive. Then play your own ball in from there, until the ball is holed. Best 2 of 4.

*Top two teams paid*

CTP– (13 feet, 5 inches) Par
Dave Bullett

First place– (-39)
Joseph Re
Earl Tanner
Dave Bullett
Bill Smith

Second Place– (-31)
William Mcpherson
Jack Sounder
Chuck Quellette
Len Marino

Third place– (-28)
Petro Stephen
Tod Powers
Robert Williams
Dick Timcoe

Forth place– (-27)
John Putnam
Frank Pinto
Richards Martinez
Jeff Henry

Fifth place– (-24)
Clint Paxson
Bill Shipe
Jeff Everett
Randy Allen