11/01/2016 – Rose Hill Men’s Day: Pairings

Two Man Combo:¬†Holes 1-9 Best 1 of 2 (Net). Holes 10-18 Modified Alternate Shot format (Gross). Both players tee off and choose the best drive. The player’s ball not selected takes the next shot and then alternate until the ball is holed. Each player’s drive must be used twice on the back nine

Starting Tee – #1

8:28 am
Dave Bullett
*Spot Available*

8:36 am
Bill Shipe
Jeff Henry
Jeff Everett
Dick Timcoe

8:44 am
Clint Paxson
John Klinger
Tom Fox
Jim Schwarz

8:52 am
Frank Pinto
Richard Martinez
Jack Souders
Bill Smith

9:00 am
John Putnam
Bob Williams
Jay Parks
Bob Guarino