09/27/2016 – Rose Hill Men’s Day: Results

Two man teams play a scramble through the green. Net score used for each hole. Handicap determined by a 60/40 split of both golfers

*paid out to the top three teams*

CTP – 11 ft 8 in (Par)
Clint Paxson

1st Place – 50
Joseph Re
Earle Lockhart

2nd Place – 56
Joe Wheat
Jeff Henry

3rd Place – 57 [match of cards]
Clint Paxson
Dick Timcoe

4th Place – 57
John Putnam
Ed Varcho

5th Place – 57 [match of cards]
Dave Bullett
George Edell

6th Place – 57
Ken Strati
Frank Pinto

7th Place – 61
Bill Shipe
Randy Allen