BG Ladies at Crescent Pointe Pairings 8/30/2016

Game: T.O.E. (Add your score on the holes starting with T O and E and subtract 1/2 your handicap)


Tee #1 8:04AM

Lori Price

Vicki Hamby

Dee Allen

Cody Jennings

Tee #1 8:12AM

Donna Dutkowski

Linda Canter

Gail Boyle

Ellie Cornelisse

Tee #1 8:20AM

Kaye Dardaris

Mary Waggoner

Char Bradeen

Susan Tymczyszyn

Tee #1 8:28AM

Connie Eisaman

Sharon Higney

Clorinda Zylker

Dolores Mazurek