CP Mens Day 8/24/2016

Game: “Team Hero and Bum”

Take the best score and the worst score from the group on every hole and add them together.

Example: Hole #1   Joe-3  Bob-5  Jeff-9  Nick-6

The team score for that hole will be a (12)


Tee #1 8:04am

Roger Logston

George Schnurr

John Waffle

Tee #1 8:12am

Ken Strati

Greg Kingery

John T McGee

Neil Jenks

Tee #1 8:20am

Rick Shrider

Stephen Petro

Sal Moscuzza

Gerry Dutkowski

Tee #1 8:28am

Andrew E Bertram

Keith Jennings

Ron Kmet

Michael Hughes

Tee #1 8:36am

Joe Macchia

Dennis Fisher

Earle Lockhart

Michael Chapman