08/20/2016 – Rose Hill MGA: Pairings

Shamble: Everyone tees off, then pick the best tee shot and play own ball in from there into the hole. Best 2 of 4. NET scores.  ALL PLAYERS must use one tee shot on both the front and back nine.

Reverse Shotgun @ 8:28 am
Tee #1
Tod Powers
Bill Smith
Len Marino
Jeff Henry

Tee #14A
Frank Pinto
Bill Dorson
John Klinger
Bob Wright

Tee #15A
Michael Burnce
Jay Parks
Ron Stovall
Randy Allen

Tee #16A
Earl Tanner
George Edell
Al Harris
Mac McClellan

Tee #17A
Fran Richards
Bill Carabine
Ed Scott
Peter DiSanto

Tee #18A
Bill Shipe
Bob Guarino
Ed Varcho
Dick Timcoe