Crescent Pointe Mens Day Pairings 7/20/2016

Game: Bisque

( Player is able to use there handicap strokes on any hole of their choice. A 3 shot maximum per hole may be used from handicap, and they MUST announce if and how many strokes they will be using before they hit their tee shot on the hole. Once you have used all of your handicap strokes you will not have any for the remainder of the round.)

Tee #1 8:04AM

Roger Logston

William Mcpherson

Jim Padgett

Tee #1 8:12AM

John Turner

George Schnurr

Renny Hoyle

Tee #1 8:20AM

Rick Shrider

Keith Jennings

Earle A Lockhart

Tee #1 8:28AM

Mr. Joseph L Macchia

Mr. Greg Kingery

John Johns

Gerry Dutkowski