07/02/2016 – Rose Hill Firecracker Tournament: Pairings

Rose Hill Golf Club
07/02/2016 – Firecracker Tournament
Reverse Shotgun @ 8:04 am
Scramble with a Twist: Each team chooses a captain. Every player on the team is assigned a number¬†1-4 (put the #’s of each player on the scorecard). Everyone drives. Captain rolls a die. If the number is between 1 and 4, the team uses that player’s drive (even in a hazard or OB). If a 5 or 6 is rolled, then the captain chooses the best drive. Regular scramble is played after that. Die is only used to determine which drive is used.¬†

Tee #1A
Fran Richards
Pamela Haugner
Dick Timcoe
Charlotte Timcoe

Tee #13A
Frank Pinto
Janice Pinto
Len Marino
Adrienne LaMantia

Tee #14A
Michael Burnce
Kathy Burnce
Tom Fox
Bobbi Fox

Tee #15A
Peter Doherty
Dianne Doherty
Rich Johnson
Iva Kimes

Tee #16A
Jeff Henry
Ed Varcho
Bob Guarino
Alice Houghton

Tee #17A
Roy Redman
Burt Gerber
Peter DiSanto
Sandy DiSanto

Tee #18A
Bill Shipe
Frank Bennett
John Fruit
Carol Fruit