Wednesday League Night Results

Good Morning,


I was informed last night that a few of you were upset with last nights league night. Mike shared with me that some were unhappy with the format. I take full responsibility for not choosing games for the league that everyone likes. Mike Gress is a college student and an intern here at Pinecrest. From what I have heard from not only him, but also the members of the kitchen staff, that not everyone but more than a few people were pretty tough on him last night. He is doing only what I ask of him. He is here to learn and fulfill his requirements for his schooling.  Obviously I was not there last night and tensions were running high so I understand why he was the outlet for that frustration. In the future if there is a problem with anything related to golf I would appreciate if those complaints and frustrations be directed at me.

It is my goal to have as many people happy with the formats as I possibly can. I like to run a variety of different games to ensure the league does not become stale. Clearly I have not accomplished that goal. I want all of you to know that I am on your team! Each week when you sign up, the game that you are signing up for is listed at the top of the sign up sheet. If you are not happy with the format for that week please bring it up to me then. If that is done I have the opportunity to change it early in the week.  If it happens to be a game you personally just do not like to play there is always the option to not to play that week. Here is what I propose to try and alleviate this issue:

  1. We can have 1 standard format we play each and every week. We can take a vote on a few different games and which ever receives the most votes is the game we will play each week.
  2. After next week league night we can go through the games I already have scheduled and all formats that are not liked by at least half the league will be scrapped an we can choose new games.
  3. Leave it as is and the formats you do not like you simply choose to not sign up for that particular week.
  4. I am also open to any and all other ideas you may have to meet your expectations as a league

The current formats are all formats that have been successful for me in past leagues. I realize that is not the case here. I am by no means set in my ways and am more than happy to change and adapt to make this work. I will be at next weeks league night and would love to have an open discussion with everyone on how to improve Wednesday Nights. I want everyone to know my door is always open and I am more than happy to sit down and discuss issues you may be having. Please utilize this and open that line of communication with me so I can help and prevent these issues rather than doing damage control after the fact. I care very much about this club and the members that belong to it and am dedicated to solving this issue.


Below are the results from yesterday League Night,



1st – 32

Marty Vinci – $21.70


2nd – 35

Jack Gibbs – $16.80


3rd – 36

Bob Wood – $12.60


T 4th – 38

Al Lessard – $4.73

Bob Shelley – $4.73

Bob Amendola – $4.73

Chris Tuscan – $4.73



1st – 33

Eileen Hampson – $15.75


2nd – 35

Phyllis Souders – $11.20


T 3rd – 36

Lori Price – $4.02

Gail Boyle – $4.02


Closest to the Pin $5.00 Each

#3 – Jack Gibbs

#8 – Lori Alibrio