06/11/2016 – Rose Hill MGA: Pairings

Rose Hill Golf Club
06/11/2016 – MGA
Reverse Shotgun @ 8:04 am
Blind Draw Tournament: Pro shop chooses the teams after teeing off. Record GROSS scores, then subtract handicap. Best 3 of 4

Tee #1A
Jerry Wells
Bill Obermeier
Len Marino

Tee #14A
Bob Wright
Al Harris
George Kelly
Frank Pinto

Tee #15A
John Klinger
Ron Stovall
Dave Bullett
Greg Vavoso

Tee #16A
Bob Guarino
Jay Parks
Earl Tanner
Jeff Henry

Tee #17A
Bill Smith
John Fruit
Ed Scott
Dick Timcoe

Tee #18A
Tom Fox
Bill Dorson
Ed Varcho
George Edell