Wednesday Night League Results

Good Morning Folks,


Before I post the results, I just wanted to clarify what will be happening next week. The WEGA (Womens Eastern Golf Association) is hosting there event here at Pinecrest next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Due to that we will not be having Wed. League here at Pinecrest next week. Mike polled the group last night and everyone agreed to play it at Crescent next week. Everything will remain the same, you will still sign up here at Pinecrest but will check in and play over at Crescent. If you have any questions just give me a holler.


Below are the results from last nights league:


1st (Tie Breaker)

35 – $13.50 each

Dennis Fisher

Marty Vinci

Jack Souders



35 – $9.00 each

J. McBournie

Joe Sigler

Jack Gibbs

J. Alibrio



Pat Baldwin

Rick Bohach

Bob Wood

Peter Heywood



Ted Wagner

Chris Tuscan

Tom Dardaris

Robert Shelley



Ed Runowski

Bob Amendola

Bob Lowry

Joe Eisaman



Ladies Results:


1st (Tie Breaker)

41 – $8.75 each

Chris Wagner

Gail Boyle

Lori Alibrio

Ann Kimball



Kaye Dardaris

Vicky Hamby

Eileen Hampson

Phyllis Souders


Closest to the Pin $5.00

#8 – Eileen Hampson