05/14/2015 – Rose Hill MGA Member-Member: Pairings

Rose Hill Golf Club
05/14/2016 – MGA
Reverse Shotgun @ 8:04 am
Best 1 of 2. Each player will receive 90% of their normal handicap. Scores will be cumulative over the two days. Players will tee off from their normal tees except for the closest to the pin hole, where everyone will tee off from the silver tees. The ball must be played down and all putts must be made. No Gimmies! 

Tee #1A
New Guys
Randy Allen
Joe Wheat

Tee #1B
Bird’s the Word
Jerry Wells
Jon Sherman
Bogey Boys
Bill Smith
Earl Tanner

Tee #12A
Big Ten
Mike Danyi
Jeff Henry
A Team
Jack Diver
Bob Wright

Tee #13A
Bean Counters
John Fruit
Rich Johnson
Bill Obermeier
Roy Redman

Tee #14A
Sand Sharks
John Klinger
Bob Williams
Red Men
Joe Huff
Steve Parson

Tee #15A
Beer Boys
George Kelly
Mike Kirkland
Len Marino
Tod Powers

Tee #16A
P&W Experss
Wally Maxwell
Pat Gurganus
Bag Brothers
Bill Carabine
Ed Scott

Tee #17A
Moon Pies
Michael Burnce
Frank Pinto
Bill Dorson
Dave Miller

Tee #18A
Park Partol
Jay Parks
Fran Richards
Silicone Sackers
Dick Timcoe
Greg Vavoso