04/30/2016 – Rose Hill MGA: Pairings

04/30/2016 – MGA
Rose Hill Golf Club
Individual low net. Six holes are selected by the pro shop after teeing off and are thrown out. The remaining twelve holes are added up to determine the winners.

*7:32 Reverse Shotgun Start*

Tee #1A
Frank Pinto
George Edell
Ed Scott
Bob Wright

Tee #16A
Ernie Hannin
Bob Guarino
Al Harris
Peter Disanto

Tee #16B
Jeff Moyer
Bill Smith
Len Marino
John Fruit

Tee #17A
Michael Burnce
Randy Allen
Greg Vavoso
Dick Timcoe

Tee #17B
Tod Powers
Jay Parks
Ed Varcho
Jeff Henry

Tee #18A
Frank Bennett
Jeff Everett
John Klinger
Roy Redman