04/26/2016 – Rose Hill Men’s Day: Results

Rose Hill Golf Club
04/26/2016 – Men’s Day
Starting Tee – #1
Two Man Combo:¬†Best 1 of 2 on holes 1-9 (NET scores); Modified alternate shot format on holes 10-18 (GROSS scores). Both players tee off and choose the best tee shot. Player’s ball not selected takes the next shot and then alternate from there until the ball is holed.¬†Each player’s drive must be used twice on front nine and twice on back nine.

*Pay Out To Top 3 Teams*

Closest To Pin: 11 in.
Bill Shipe

1st Place: 72
Mack McCaffery
Dick Timcoe

2nd Place: 73
Tom Fox
James Schwarz

3rd Place: 75
George Kelly
Dave Bullett

4th Place: 76 (Scorecard Playoff)
Bill Shipe
Wally Maxwell

5th Place: 76
Bob Amendola
Chuck Ouellette

6th Place: 77
Frank Pinto
Randy Allen

7th Place: 78
John Putnam
Greg Vavoso

8th Place: 79
Bob Wood
Bob Williams