04/23/2016 Rose Hill MGA: Results

Rose Hill Golf Club
04/23/2016 – MGA
Reverse Shotgun @ 8:28 am
A&D + B&C: A&D players Net BB + B&C players Net BB. Teams with lowest net total are the winners

Low Net: 63
Len Marino

Closest To Pin: 3 ft. 9 in. (Birdie)
Ernie Hannin

First Place: 112
Tod Powers
Jeff Moyer
Ed Varcho
Greg Vavoso (Blind)

Second Place: 122
Bill Obermeier
Frank Pinto
George Edell
Len Marino

Third Place: 123 (Scorecard Playoff)
Ron Cecil
Bob Guarino
Ed Scott
Bob Williams

Fourth Place: 123
Jerry Wells
Bill Carabine
Roy Redman
Greg Vavoso

Fifth Place: 131 (Scorecard Playoff)
Nick Dunham
Earl Tanner
Mike Burnce
Al Harris

Sixth Place: 131
Bill Shipe
Jeff Everett
John Fruit
Peter Disanto

Seventh Place: 131
Rick Munger
Dave Bullet
John Klinger
Bob Wright

Eighth Place: 136
Ernie Hannin
Jay Parks
Dick Timcoe
Ron Stovall