18 Hole Ladies’ Play Day Pairings and Tee times 4-22-16

Good Afternoon Ladies,


There are 4 of you signed up for tomorrow so I thought we would do a different game. The game will be select 12 scores. You will play all 18 holes and record you NET scores. After EACH INDIVIDUAL hole you must decide to select the score you made on that hole or not to. Once you hit your tee ball on the next hole you CANNOT go back and select a score on a prior hole. There is a bit of strategy involved! So if you have already chosen your 12 scores after 16 holes and on 17 and 18 you score better you MAY NOT select them. If this is unclear I will explain better in the morning. See you tomorrow!!



Sharon Higney

Mary Sims

Kaye Dardaris

Gail Boyle