04/19/2016 Rose Hill BGLL Exchange: Results

Rose Hill Golf Club
04/19/2016 – BGLL Exchange
Reverse Shotgun @ 9:08 am
Quota System: Individual. All scoring is based off GROSS score. Subtract handicap from 36. Points: 1-Pt Bogey; 2-Pts Par; 3-Pts Birdie; 6-Pts Eagle; 10-Pts Double Eagle/Hole in One. The player with the most points over her quota wins

*Pay out to first 5 spots*

Closest to Pin: 4 ft.
Saruta Jerin

1st Place: 9 pts. (Scorecard playoff)
Char Bradeen

2nd Place: 9 pts.
Karen Re

3rd Place: 6 pts. (scorecard playoff)
Peggy Stewart

4th Place: 6 pts.
Peg Pantano

5th Place: 4 pts.
Saruta Jerin

Dee Allen
Socky Bednarik
Gail Bertram
Lori Ann Price
Eleanor Simpson
Dolores Mazurek
Pat Rustad
Lainie Ouellette
Donna Dutkowski
Sharon Higney
Donna Shrider
Connie Eisaman