04/09/2016 – Rose Hill MGA: Pairings – Reverse Shotgun @ 9:32 am

Rose Hill Golf Club
04/09/2016 – MGA
Reverse Shotgun @ 9:32 am
Member Medal Play w/ PGA Pro Score: Each MGA player selects a PGA Pro who is playing in the major tournament prior to the start of that MGA tournament. The PGA Pro’s gross score for the Saturday round is combined with the MGA player’s net score for that Saturday for a total. The lowest combined scores will determine the winners.

Tee #1A 9:32 am
Bill Obermeier
Ernie Hannin
Ron Stovall

Tee #16A 9:32 am
Peter DiSanto
John Klinger
Frank Pinto
John Fruit

Tee #16B 9:32 am
Mike Danyi
Bob Wright
Bill Smith
Bob Williams

Tee #17A 9:32 am
Len Marino
Tod Powers
Greg Vavoso
Tom Fox

Tee #17B 9:32 am
Ed Scott
Bob Guarino
Ed Varcho
Joe Huff

Tee #18A 9:32 am
Jerry Wells
Dave Bullett
Earl Tanner
Roy Redman

Tee #18B 9:32 am
Fran Richards
Dick Timcoe
Jay Parks
Rick Munger