18 Hole Men’s Day @ Pinecrest 4-8-16 Pairings & Tee Times

Good Afternoon Men,

It has been brought to my attention by several people that they believe it is unfair for people to consistently ask for late starting times solely because they do not want an early tee time. Most people would prefer the later start times, so moving forward AFTER this week I will no longer be giving preferential tee times unless there is a reason behind it (doctors appointment, company coming in, ect.) I understand this may upset some of you but I will always operate as your pro in the best interest of the entire club. I am sure you will understand.


With that being said, below are the tee times and pairings for tomorrows play day:



Stephen Petro

David Stewart

Lonnie King

Cory Van Buskirk



William McPherson

Hugh Armstrong

John Putnam

John McGee



Jim Padgett

Chuck Ouellette

Jack Gibbs

Michael Hughes



Earle Lockhart

Joe Sims

Joseph Re

Gerry Conklin



Bob Amendola

Rick Zylker

Steven Sheetz

Robert Shelley



Earl Tanner

Jack Souders

Renny Hoyle

Bob Phillips



Terry Marvel

Mack McCaffrey

Dennis Fisher

Jim Montgomery



Robert Riley

Francis Raffaele

Don Doyle

Robert Heck



Andrew Bertram

John Waffle

Rick Bohach

Ron Waggoner