02/20/2016 – Rose Hill MGA: Pairings

Rose Hill Golf Club
02/20/2016 – MGA
Reverse Shotgun @ 9:00 am
Best 2 of 4

*Pass of Play is starting to become an issue. It is posted on the scorecards each week. Please do your best to keep up and stay on pace (4:15)*

Tee #1A
Fran Richards
Wally Maxwell
Ed Scott

Tee #17A
Mike Danyi
George Edell
Al Harris
Bob Wright

Tee #17B
Frank Pinto
Dave Bullett
Ron Stovall
Paul Dofton

Tee #18A
Bill Shipe
Jeff Everett
Bob Williams
Greg Vavoso

Tee #18B
Earl Tanner
Bill Dorson
George Kelly
Len Marino