02/16/2016 – Rose Hill BGLL: Pairings

Rose Hill Golf Club
02/16/2016 – BGLL
Starting Tee – #1
Sadie Hawkins Day: Ladies get to pick their partner (male or female) for Modified Pinehurst. Both players tee off, then hit each other’s second shot. Select the best ball and alternate in from there until the ball is holed

*Cart Path Only*

10:04 am
Ed Bednarik
Socky Bednarik
Gerry Dutkowski
Donna Dutkowski

10:12 am
Jim Price
Lori Price
Jack Gibbs
Gail Boyle

10:20 am
TomĀ Margotta
Char Bradeen
Al Taylor
Linda Taylor

10:28 am
Bob Higney
Sharon Higney
Joe Pantano
Peg Pantano

10:36 am
Rick Shrider
Donna Shrider
V. Burke
Susan Tymczyszyn

10:44 am
Dave Stewart
Peggy Stewart
Rick Zylker
Clorinda Zylker

10:52 am
Ron Waggoner
Mary Waggoner