02/02/2016 – Rose Hill Men’s Day: Pairings

Rose Hill Golf Club
Men’s Day – 02/02/2016
Starting Tee – #1
Blind Bogey: Individual Low Net. Six holes are selected by the pro shop after teeing off and are thrown out. The remaining twelve holes are added up to determine the winners

9:00 am
Bill Shipe
Bob Guarino
Charlie Michael
Joe Sims

9:08 am
Jay Parks
Joe Re
Dave Stewart
Richard Mader

9:16 am
Bill Smith
John Putnam
Len Marino
Chuck Ouellette

9:24 am
Fred Merrill
Bob Amendola
Earl Tanner
Greg Vavoso

9:32 am
Jeff Everett
Doug Baker
William McPherson
Mike Danyi

9:40 am
George Edell
Gerry Dutkowski
Andrew Bertram
Renny Hoyle

9:48 am
Jack Souders
William Cook
George Kelly
John Klinger

9:56 am
Bob Williams
Michael Harmon
Frank Pinto
Ed Varcho