Pinecrest Men’s Day Pairings 1-8-15

Good afternoon men! Below are the tee times and pairings for tomorrows Men’s day event. It will be a flighted event and the flights will be posted as a scoreboard on the patio when you finish. Moving forward we will not be handing out physical gift cards to winners. They will go on your account as “credits” that will accumulate throughout the year. These credits MUST BE USED BY DECEMBER 31st. After the second week in December all credits won will go towards the following year. If you have any questions regarding the credits please ask me tomorrow.

John Putnam
William McPherson
Stephen Petro
Jim Padgett

Rick Zylker
Bob Amendola
Jim Montgomery
Dave Zander

Jon Nickel
Daniel Gass
Bob Wood
Bill Scaplehorn

Robert Riley
Rick Bohach
Jack Gibbs
Hugh Armstrong

David Good
Dennis Fisher
Mack McCaffrey
John McGee

Steven Sheetz
Francis Raffaele
Steve Richards
Don Doyle

Bob Dunaj
Bob Phillips
Jon Sherwood
Robert Heck

Earle Lockhart
Gerry Conklin
William Cook
Chuck Ouellette

Please plan your morning accordingly to be ready and at the 1st tee 10 minuets before your scheduled tee time to ensure we get all groups out on time.