12/22/2015 – Rose Hill Men’s Day: Pairings

Rose Hill Golf Club
Men’s Day – 12/22/2015
Starting Tee – #1
Shamble: Everyone drives. Pick the best drive. Play own ball in from there into the hole. Best 2 of 4. Everyone’s drive must be chosen at least once on the front and once on the back.

9:00 am
Bill Shipe
Frank Pinto
Jeff Everett

9:08 am
Mike Danyi
Tod Powers
Dick Timcoe
Don Hemenway

9:16 am
Jim Price
Ernie Hannin
Brody Price
Ed Scott

9:24 am
Mack McCaffrey
Bill Dorson
George Kelly
Bob Wright

9:32 am
Bill Oettinger
Jay Parks
Ed Varcho
Len Marino

9:40 am
Bob Wood
Earl Tanner
Bob Williams
Gerry Dutkowski