2015 Brown Cup Day 3 Starting Times

Day number 2 is in the books and with an identical outcome from yesterday. As it stands Pinecrest holds a commanding lead over Island West at 22-10. Anything is possible though with double the points up for grabs. Tomorrows format will be 9 hole NET match play. You will play both competitor’s tomorrow, one on the front 9 and one on the back 9. Each match will be worth 1 point to the winner totaling 36 available points. Island West will need to gather 22 1/2 points to win the cup, while as Pinecrest will only need to win 10 points to retain the cup. Please plan your morning so you will be at the tee box 10 minuets before your scheduled tee time. Tee Times for tomorrow are as follow:



Tyler Dell

Jesse Goodwin

Ron Martin

Greg Gilman



Andy Bertram

Bull McPherson

Mitch Levine

John Turner



Rich Bohach

Bob Amendola

Keith Evans

Bill Knot



John Putnam

Ron Waggoner

Rick Shrider

Sal Cafiero



Jack Gibbs

Bob Wood

Ron Bradley

Dave Zander



Joe Sims

Don Doyle

Hugh Armstron

Phil Dembowski



Earle Lockhart

Francis Raffaele

Johnny Moralez

Charlie Michael



John Sherwood

Mike Hughs

Gary Goodridge

Steve Richards