2015 Brown Cup Day 2 Pairings & Tee Times

Good Afternoon gentlemen,

We made it through day 1 with no injuries or casualties! After all was said and done the Pinecrest men have a STRONG 11-5 lead over Island West after day 1. Nothing that a good day tomorrow cant handle Island West men, so get a good nights sleep and be ready to get after tomorrow morning!!  Tomorrow will be the same 2 formats that were played today. I am asking that all players and teams to please be ready and at the 1st tee 10 minuets ahead of your scheduled tee time. This allows me to go over the day and ensure that everyone gets off on time. So please plan your morning accordingly. Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning! Tee times are as follows:



John Sherwood

Mike Hughs

Bob Heck

Mike McCartney



Joe Sims

Gerry Dutkowski

Phil Dembowski

Steve Sheetz



Fancis Raffaele

Don Doyle

Ed Iannacone

Steve Richards



Jack Gibbs

Bob Wood

High Armstrong

Dave Zander



Bob Amendola

Jim Padgett

Ron Bradley

Bill Scaplehorn



Dennis Fisher

Dave Stewart

Sal Cafiero

Rick Zylker



Rick Bohack

Tom Dardaris

Jeff Getty
Bill Knott



Jesse Goodwin

Andy Bertam

John Turner

Rick Shrider