12/01/2015 – Rose Hill Men’s Day: Results

Rose Hill Golf Club
Men’s Day – 12/01/2015
1-2-3: 1 Net BB on Par 5’s; 2 Net BB on Par 4’s; 3 Net BB on Par 3’s
*paid out to the top two teams*

Low Net – 62
William McPherson

Closest to Pin – 4 ft 3 in (Birdie)
Ken Strati

1st Place – 105 (-31)
William McPherson
Frank Pinto
Bob Williams
Gerry Dutkowski

2nd Place – 110 (-26)
Mack McCaffrey
Dick Martinez
Dick Timcoe
Len Marino

3rd Place – 119 (-17) [match of cards]
Ken Strati
Bill Dorson
Bob Williams (b)
John Klinger

4th Place – 119 (-17)
Jerry Wells
Stephen Petro
Ed Scott
Len Marino (b)

5th Place – 119 (-17)
Tod Powers
Mike Danyi
George Kelly
Don Hemenway

6th Place – 124 (-12)
Bill Shipe
Ernie Hannin
John Fruit
Greg Vavoso (b)

7th Place – 128 (-8)
John McGee
George Edell
Ed Varcho
Greg Vavoso

Pro’s Note:
Today, there were eleven players that had a net score of 72 or better. Out of those eleven scores, seven of them were in the 60’s. I am thrilled to see such competition all around. This great weather is accompanied by great golf. Or you guys have been visiting with Rod Thompson, Brown Golf’s new teaching professional. Either way, continue posting low numbers.