10/31/2015 – Rose Hill MGA: Results

Rose Hill Golf Club
MGA – 10/31/2015
1-2-3 & 1-2-3: 1 Net BB on hole 1; 2 Net BB on hole 2; 3 Net BB on hole 3; 4 Net BB on hole 4, etc.
*paid out to top two teams*

Low Net – 67 [match of cards]
Wally Maxwell

Closest to Pin – 8 ft 10 in (Par)
Mike Danyi

1st Place – 116 (-23)
Fran Richards
Jeff Moyer
Bob Williams
Al Harris

2nd Place – 118 (-21)
John Carroll
Frank Bennett
Wally Maxwell
John Klinger

3rd Place – 119 (-20)
Ernie Hannin
Michael Burnce
Jeff Everett
Ron Stovall

4th Place – 120 (-19)
Tod Powers
John Fruit
Geoff Hearn
Paul Dofton

5th Place – 124 (-15)
Mike Danyi
Jeff Moyer (b)
Jay Parks
Paul Dofton (b)

6th Place – 125 (-14)
Bill Oettinger
Frank Bennett (b)
George Kelly
Ed Scott

Pro’s Note:
For once, the rumors are true. Many players have mentioned how well Al Harris is playing as of lately and it showed today. He lost to Wally Maxwell in a match of cards for low net of 67, who has been knocking the cover off of the ball since he came back into town. Al also helped carry his team to a victory, with six holes with a score of 3 or less. Including, a 3 for 1 and a 2 for 1. Great job gentlemen and keep up the hot sticks.