10/27/2015 – Rose Hill Men’s Day: Pairings

Rose Hill Golf Club
Men’s Day – 10/27/2015
Starting Tee – #1
Points Game: Subtract Handicap from 54. Resulting number is your team goal. Points: 1 Pt-Double Bogey; 2 Pts-Bogey; 3 Pts-Par; 5 Pts-Birdie; 7 Pts-Eagle; 9 Pts-Double Eagle. Use 4 scores. Gross

*Possibility of Cart Path Only depending on the amount of rain accumulated*

8:28 am
Jesse Goodwin
John Carroll
Jack Souders
*Spot Available*

8:36 am
Jerry Wells
Bill Shipe
Richard Martinez
Chuck Ouellette

8:44 am
*Spot Available*
Ernie Hannin
Frank Pinto
Don Hemenway

8:52 am
Mack McCaffrey
Mike Danyi
George Edell
Len Marino

9:00 am
John Putnam
Tod Powers
Bill Dorson
Ed Scott

9:08 am
Shawn Lessig
Bob Amendola
Bob Guarino
Ed Varcho

9:16 am
William McPherson
Joseph Re
Jay Parks
John Klinger