09/22/2015 – Rose Hill Ladies’ Exchange Day: Results

Rose Hill Golf Club
Ladies’ Exchange – 09/22/2015
4 Person Scramble
*paid out to top four teams*

Closest to Pin – 13 ft
Kaye Dardaris

1st Place – 69
Lori Price
Dee Allen
Sharon Higney
Ellie Cornelisse

2nd Place – 73
Donna Dutkowski
Lorie Alibrio
Joann Vandett
Ann Kimball

3rd Place – 75
Deborah Fredenfeld
Linda Canter
Lainie Ouellette
Cody Jennings

4th Place – 78
Sue Bailey
Gail Boyke
Susan Tymczyszyn
Lynne Caffrey

5th Place – 79
Debbie Bondarenko
Mary Waggoner
Pan Kinsella
Lynn Cutshall

6th Place – 81
Socky Bednarik
Clorinda Zylker
Linda Taylor
Kathy Cael

7th Place – 83 (match of cards)
Pat Rustad
Char Bradeen
Peggy Stewart

8th Place – 83
Kaye Dardaris
Vicki Hamby
Phyllis Souders
Diane Crowley

Pro’s Note:
I just want to say thanks to all of you ladies that organized and participated in the event. We couldn’t of asked for everything to be as smooth and easy as it was. We hope it was as enjoyable for all of you as it was for us here at Rose Hill. I also hope we fulfilled and exceeded all and any expectations you had coming into today. We look forward to┬áseeing you at the next event.