09/19/2015 – Rose Hill MGA: Pairings

Rose Hill Golf Club
MGA – 09/19/2015
Reverse Shotgun @ 8:04 am
Blind Bogey: Individual low net. 6 holes are selected by the pro shop teeing off and are thrown out. The remaining 12 holes are added up to determine the winners

Tee #1A
Jerry Wells
Bill Obermeier
Ed Varcho
Donald Hemenway

Tee #1B
Bill Shipe
Bill Dorson
Ron Stovall
Joe McLaughlin

Tee #17A
Mike Danyi
Jay Parks
Robert Williams
John Klinger

Tee #17B
Tod Powers
Bill Smith
Lee Henken
Dick Timcoe

Tee #18A
John Carroll
Bill Carabine
Ed Scott
Len Marino

Tee #18B
Ernie Hannin
Frank Pinto
Al Harris
Greg Vavoso