08/08/2015 – Rose Hill MGA: Pairings

Rose Hill Golf Club
MGA – 08/08/2015
Reverse Shotgun @ 8:04 am
Two Man Combo: Holes 1-9 Best 1 of 2; Holes 10-18 Modified Alternate Shot format. Both players tee off and choose the best tee shot. Player’s ball not selected takes the shot and then alternate until the ball is holes. Each player’s drive must be used twice on back 9

Tee #1A
Jack Diver
Dave Bullett

Tee #1B
Jerry Wells
Bob Wright
Fran Richards
Len Marino

Tee #16A
Bill Dorson
Bill Smith
Jay Parks
George Kelly

Tee #17A
Mike Kirkland
Dick Timcoe
Frank Pinto
Ed Varcho

Tee #17B
Michael Burnce
Ed Scott
Bill Obermeier
George Edell

Tee #18A
Tod Powers
Greg Vavoso
John Carroll
John Klinger

Tee #18B
Ernie Hannin
Al Harris
Tom Fox
Ron Stovall