06/02/2015 – Rose Hill Men’s Day: Results

Rose Hill Golf Club
Men’s Day – 06/02/2015
A&D + B&C – A&D players BB Net + B&C players BB Net. Team with lowest net total is the winner

Low Net – 66
James Schwarz

Closest to Pin – 3 ft (Birdie)
Dick Timcoe

1st Place – 120
Ernie Hannin
Robert Williams
John Klinger
Joseph Re

2nd Place – 121
Jonathan Sherwood
James Schwarz (blind)
John Carroll
Dick Timcoe

3rd Place – 122
Jerry Wells
Bob Wright
George Edell
Bill Dorson

4th Place – 122
Bill Shipe
Don Hemenway
Dave Bullett
Jay Parks

5th Place – 126
Tod Powers
James Schwarz
John Fruit
Frank Pinto

6th Place – 130
Jerry Wells (blind)
Greg Vavoso
Ed Scott
George Kelly

7th Place – 132
Mack Mccaffrey
Len Marino
Ed Varcho
Richard Martinez