CP MEN’S DAY 4/15/15

CP MEN’S DAY 4/15/15
Crescent Pointe Golf Club
Round 1 – April 14, 2015

Game: Bisque Low NET … You May use your strokes of your handicap on any hole , max of 2 strokes per hole.  You must announce the strokes prior to the next tee shot. (Individual game.)… 2 pins

Tee #1 8:44 am
Ted A Wagner
George Schnurr
Bill Scaplehorn

Tee #1 8:52am
Ken Strati
Steven H Sheetz
Daniel Glass
Tee #1 9:00 am
Clark Gregory
Dave Zander
Don Doyle
Mr. Ron Kmet

Tee #1 9:08 am
John T Mcgee
Robert Riley
Earl Tanner
Michael Hughes

Tee #1 9:16am
Richard Mcintosh
John Putnam
Joseph S Re
Gerry Dutkowski

Tee #1 9:24 am
Keith Jennings
Stephen Petro
Renny Hoyle
Joe Sims

Tee #1 9:32 am
Andrew E Bertram
Jim Padgett
John Wyberanec
Jack Souders