Ladies Exchange at Pinecrest 12-16-14

Pinecrest Golf Club

December 16th 2014

Game: T and F. Score counts on holes that start with a T or an F.

9:04 Tee Time

Deb Ferreira

Jan Zander

Lanie Ouellette

9:12 Tee Time

Toni McBride

Phyllis Souders

Diane Bronzert

9:20 Tee Time

Kaye Dardaris

Clorinda Zylker

Jenny Kingery

9:28 Tee Time

Eleanor Simpson

Peg Pantano

Susan T.

9:36 Tee Time

Gail Boyle

Donna Glass

Lynn Cutshall

9:44 Tee Time

Sharon Higney

Donna Shrider

Cody Jennings