Island West First Day of Brown Cup Thursday 11-20-14

Pairings for the Brown Cup. Everyday that one plays it will cost 10 dollars(cash) to paid to either Dardaris, Zander or Glass. Each day some food will be available and beer and sodas. Beer will be limited but will be purchased till funds are exhausted. Saturday a sandwich will be provided along with sodas and beer till funds are exhausted.

THURSDAY  schedule 10:12 Gilman(5) Sheetz(17) White McPherson(13) Biersack(13) 10:20 Turner(7) Glass(17) White Stewart(14) Putnam(13 10:28 Pacella(8) Michael(20)White Sherwood(19) Nickel(17) 10:36 Lessig(8) Waffle(14) White Bohach(11) Gibbs(20) 10:44 Goodridge(14) Scaplehorn(15) Silver Wood(15) Hughes(21) 10:52 Dembowski(16) Iannacone(14) Silver Dutkowski(22) Conklin(23) 11:00 Blasey(21) Heck(22) Silver Re(18) Sims(22) 11:08 Cassidy(18) Rotelle(22) Silver Palcho(27) Harrington(18) Better ball first nine and alternate shot the 2nd 9. For the alternate shot, add the partners handicaps and divide by 2