2014 Can/Am Results at Pinecrest

2014 Can/Am

Pinecrest Golf Club

March 16th 2014

Team U.S.A is champion again with a land slide win over the Canadians 28-14. Congrats to team U.S.A. and all the players for playing this year. This win by the U.S.A. puts them at a 2-1 lead in overall Can/Am tournament.

Players on U.S.A Team

Bill Hastead, Phil Easterday, Keith Kennings, Dennis Fisher, Jason Carlson, Shawn Lessig, Stewart Davis, Greg Kingery, Bob Wood, Bob Dunaj,Tip Boyd, John Genna, Mark Cicilia, John Ouellette, Tom Dardaris, Hurbert Heath, Nancy Heath, John Laasko, Rhonda Laasko, Jack Souders, Phyllis Souders, Hugh Armstrong, Lana Armstrong, Nancy Kayse, Phil Kayse, John Albrio, Lorie Albrio.

* Next scheduled event is at Pinecrest Golf Club on April 6th for the Rally for a Cure breast cancer tournament. Sign-ups are in the Pinecrest Golf Shop or call 843-757-8960.