Men’s Day News

     I hope you are enjoying the Men’s Days that the Brown Golf professional staff have been conducting at our Bluffton facilities.  They worked very hard getting the website up and running so hopefully it is working out for all.  If you ever have any comments or suggestions please feel free to drop any of us an email.
     We have had several requests to offer a Men’s Day on the weekends.  Obviously the men that are still working full time are unable to participate during the week. So…beginning the first full week in March we will change the Men’s Day schedule to the following.
Wenesday   Crescent Pointe
Thursday     Island West
Friday           Pinecrest
Saturday      Eagle’s Pointe (Starting March 8th )
     As you can see the only change to the schedule is Eagle’s Pointe moving from Tuesday to Saturday.  We will revisit this change after 90 days to see how it has worked out for all involved.  We will also move the starting time for each Men’s Day to 7:30 in March and April.
Thank you for your understanding,
Bill Layman
Regional GM