Brown Golf Member Services Website!

Introducing the new Brown Golf Member Services website!!

What does this mean for you?

All Men’s and Ladies’ Day signup sheets.

A calendar for each Brown Golf Course in SC will tell you about the happenings at each course.

Maintenance schedules for all courses.

Contact information for all Brown Golf Courses in the Country.

Contact information for all local Brown Golf Management Team Members.

Below are directions for signing up for Men’s or Ladies’ day.  Please note that this will be the only way that signups will be accepted and the deadline for signing up will be 12:00pm the day before scheduled event in order for us to be more organized and make your day more enjoyable!

If you do sign up after the cutoff deadline your name will be added to the alternate list and if needed you will be contacted by 6:00pm.

1)     Log on to

2)     Click on either Men’s or Ladies’ day

3)     Click on the correct course

4)     Click on the Date.

5)     Click on the first available sign up slot.

6)     Simply fill out all required information (GHIN number is required).

7)     After filled out click sign me up.

8)     You will be sent an email to notify you that sign up has been completed successfully.

9)     If for some reason you need to cancel, click on the cancel link in your confirmation email.


We hope that this will be a useful and informative tool for our membership.  Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions.