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09/02/2016 – Pinecrest Men’s Day: Pairings

1-2-3: 1 Net BB on Par 5’s; 2 Net BB on Par 4’s; 3 Net BB on Par 3’s

Starting Tee – #1

8:04 am
John Putnam
Bill  Lessig
Robert Heck

8:12 am
William McPherson
Bill Knott
Don Doyle
Robert Shelley

8:20 am
Shawn Lessig
Robert Riley
Francis Raffaele
Michael Hughes

8:28 am
Rick Shrider
John McGee
Bob Wood
Dick Martinez

8:32 am
Bob Amendola
Ron Waggoner
Gerry Conklin
Chuck Ouellette

8:44 am
Michael Harmon
Rick Bohach
Jack Gibbs
Michael Chapman

8:52 am
Dennis Fisher
Thomas Dardaris
Jon Sherwood
Earle Lockhart

18 Hole Men’s Day at Pinecrest 5-6-2016 WINNERS!!!

“1st” Flight

Low Gross – Keith Jennings $18.78

1st Low Net – Dennis Fisher $18.78

2nd Low Net – Andrew Bertram $11.21

“2nd” Flight

Low Gross – Rick Zylker $18.78

1st Low Net – John Putnam $18.78

2nd Low Net – Terry Marvel $11.21

“3rd” Flight

Low Gross – Robert Riley $18.78

1st Low Net – Ron Waggoner $18.78

2nd Low Net – Ed Bednarik $11.21

“4th” Flight

T – Low Gross – Jon Sherwood  $10.34

T – Low Gross – Gerry Conklin  $10.34

1st Low Net – Chuck Ouellette $18.78

2nd Low Net – Robert Shelley $11.21

CTP #13 – John McGee $5.00

18 Hole Men’s Day at Pinecrest 4-29-2016 Winners

1st Place Winners with a net score of 53

Prize – $20.81

Rick Bohach

Bob Amendola

Don Doyle

Joe Sims

2nd Place was a tie with a score of 54

Prize – $12.72

Team #1

Richard McIntosh

Ron Waggoner

Bob Wood

Jack Souders

Team #3

Gerry Dutkowske

Rick Shrider

Robert Riley

Robert Shelley

CTP Winners @ $5.00 each

Rick Pacella

Rick Bohach

Congrats to all for a great game on the hottest day so far this year!!! See you all next week!!!!



EPIC CLASSIC 4-5-16 Pairings & Hole Assignments

Good Morning Ladies!

Below are the teams, pairings, and hole assignments for the Epic Classic on Tuesday.

The event has a 9:00 am shotgun start. Please have on the appropriate colors depending on what team you are on. The format is broken into 3 different ways, holes 1 – 6 holes are 2 person scramble, 7- 12 are a 2 person Better Ball, and holes 13-18 are a modified alternate shot. (Each player will hit a tee ball, then as a team select the best drive, then play alternate shot in until the ball is holed.) Look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday for the Event!

Epic Classic

Tuesday April 5th, 2016

Format: 1-6 Scramble, 7-12 Better Ball, 13-18 Alternate Shot

BLUE TEAM                 HDCP           Team Captain – Lainey Ouellette

Saruta, Jerin                   12

Bondarenko, Debbie     21

Simpson, Eleanor          22

Connie E.                      24

Bednarik, Sockey         26

Poland, Connie             27

Stewart, Peggy              27

Waggoner, Mary            27

Alibrio, Lorie                  28

Canter, Linda                29

Souders, Phyllis           31

Jennings, Cody            33

Strickland, Kathy          34

Cornelisse, Ellie           35

Ouellette, Lainey          38

Caffrey, Lynne               38

Taylor, Linda                 38

Baran, Patti                   38


RED TEAM                  HDCP           Team Captain – Gail R Boyle

Price, Lori                       15

Dalton, Joyce                 21

Rustand, Pat                  23

Re, Karen                     24

Shrider, Donna             24

Boyle, Gail R                  26

Danyi, Barb                    27

Allen, Dee                      27

Zylker, Clorinda             28

Bradeen, Char              29

Hampson, Eileen          30

Bertram, Gail D             32

Hamby, Vicki                 24

Tymczyszyn, Susan     34

Poole, Vicki                   37

Hundley, Dorothy         38

Wyberanec, Carol        38

Sims. Mary                     38



Jerin, Saruta

Bondarenko, Debbie


Price, Lori

Dalton, Joyce



Simpson, Eleanor

Higney, Sharon

Rustadt, Pat




Bednarik, Sockey

Poland, Connie


Shrider, Donna

Boyle, Gail



Stewart, Peggy

Waggoner, Mary


Danyi, Barb

Allen, Dee



Alibrio, Lorie

Canter, Linda


Zylker, Clorinda

Bradeen, Char



Souders, Phyllis

Jennings, Cody


Hampson, Eileen

Bertram, Gail



Strickland, Kathy

Cornelisse, Ellie


Hamby, Vicki

Tymczyszyn, Susan




Ouellette, Lainey

Caffrey, Lynne


Poole, Vicki

Hundley, Dorothy



Taylor, Linda

Baran, Patti

Wyberanec, Carol

Sims, Mary