10/24/2015 – Rose Hill MGA @ Eagle’s Pointe: Pairings

Rose Hill Golf Club
MGA @ Eagles Pointe – 10/24/2015
Starting Tee – #1
Two-Man Combo: Holes 1-9 Best 1 of 2; Holes 10-18 Modified Alternate Shot Format; Both players tee off and choose the best tee shot. Player’s ball not selected takes the next shot and then alternate until the ball is holed. Each player must use their drive at least twice on the back 9

*Everyone will be playing from the green tees*

9:16 am
John Carroll
John Klinger
Jay Parks
Al Harris

9:24 am
Bill Dorson
Ron Stovall
Walter Kotch
Paul Dofton

9:32 am
Tod Powers
Don Hemenway
Dave Bullett
Ed Scott

9:40 am
Mike Kirkland
Dick Timcoe
George Kelly
Bill Smith

9:48 am
Jerry Wells
Len Marino
Wally Maxwell
Bob Williams

Pro’s Note
There always seems to be some confusion about the modified alternate shot format. This is not a scramble. The only time both players hit from the same spot, is off the tee. You chose the best drive out of the two. The player who’s ball is picked up and not chosen, hits the next shot. You then alternate shots until the ball is holed. This includes putting.